Technology and Climate Resiliency

19 January 2022

Technology is playing a major role in identifying, anticipating, responding, and adapting to the negative consequences of rapidly rising global temperatures. The recently concluded United Nations COP-26 proceedings confirmed the serious questions that remain about the extent and schedule on which humans collectively will modify critical behaviors to mitigate the damaging influence of their activities on our planet’s climate and build resiliency. What is not subject to question is that individuals, organizations, and governments recognize the important and expanding role that technology must play as we seek to anticipate harms and direct resources to maintain the resilience of critical societal sectors, including energy, utility, transportation and physical infrastructure, our food and agricultural industries and our national security services. This webinar, moderated by Rob Kirsch, retired WilmerHale partner and former chair of that firm’s energy and environmental practice, will address how technology is being deployed in those efforts and explore whether there are actions that might enhance the effectiveness of resilience strategies identified through the use of technology.

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