Blockchain & the Environment Podcast List

24 May 2020

Here is a curated list of external podcasts about blockchain to help you stay informed about the latest developments and environmental implications. Resource list compiled by Kayla Hidayat.

-How Blockchain Works - with Alex Danco of Social Capital, Future of Agriculture podcast (27 min, 32 sec)

-Cryptonature - Using Blockchain Technology to Tackle Environmental Problems - Pete Howson, Nottingham Trent University (47 min, 37 sec)

-Using Blockchain to Save Forests - with Todd Lemons, the Sustainable Jungle Podcast (1 hour, 7 min, 49 sec)

-Building Sustainability through Blockchain Technology - with Tom Duncan on Sustainable: the Podcast, hosted by Tabi Jayne (36 min 35 sec)

-Food Traceability and Blockchain Technology: Revolutionizing Food Security - the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), with Andy Kennedy, Sean Leighton, and Frank Yiannas, hosted by Matt Teegarden (1 hour, 10 min, 4 sec)

-Blockchain in the Energy Sector - Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) with Sarah Ladislaw, Varun Sivaram, and David Livingston (39 min, 24 sec)

-Carbon Trading and Blockchain - Powergrid International, Energy Cast podcast with Jay Dauenhauer (26 min, 28 sec)

-Embracing Sustainability Goals with Blockchain Technology - with Dorit Aviv, All About Blockchain podcast (20 min, 9 sec)